Learn What Will Determine Your Water Damage Restoration Costs

If your home has flooded recently, it is important to realize what goes into the cost of the water damage restoration. The restoration process takes a lot more than simply gutting the home and replacing damaged areas. The following guide walks you through what you can expect if you need to have your home restored after a flood. Analysis The first step in the water restoration process is to have an assessment done to determine if things can be repaired and what parts of the home will need to be replaced in order to restore the house to working order. Read More 

Can You Save That Water Soaked Carpet?

A storm broke your living room window and rain soaked your wall-to-wall carpet. The toilet overflows and soaks a throw rug in your bathroom. Should you try to save these rugs or just throw them out right away? The answer is based on several factors. Here are the criteria to help you decide the best approach to deal with wet carpeting. Where Did the Water Come From? The source of the water that soaked your carpet helps determine whether it can be salvaged or not. Read More 

Repair Water Damage to Your Hard Floors

Inevitably you will deal with water damage at some point. Water may flood your home due to a burst pipe, an overflowed toilet, or a mischievous toddler. Depending on the type of hard flooring in your home, you need to take measures to remove the water.   Tile Floors Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring is probably the most resilient against water damage as a non-porous surface. However, grout and adhesive can deteriorate if left in water too long. Read More