3 Ways To Prevent Flood Damage

Water damage from floods can be horrific. You can lose plenty of items in your home if you do not take preventative measures to protect yourself from flooding. In fact, it's even possible to lose your home itself. By taking the time to follow a few simple guidelines, the effects of flood damage can be dampened, and in some cases, it isn't something you necessarily have to worry about.

Plant Placement

Plant placement can play a salient role in protecting your house from flood damage. Although plant placement itself cannot stop your house from being flooded, lining your house with shrubbery can significantly reduce the amount of water that is able to enter your home. Shrubbery can often block the flow of water if lined around the foundation of a house so that less water will be able to enter your home and find a residence in your basement.

Gutter Cleaning

When most people think of flood damage, they tend to think of damage that occurs on the ground floor and in the basement. However, flooding can also affect your roof. Too much rain flow on your roof can cause leaks, and in extreme cases, can even cause your roof to collapse. One of the best things you can do for your roof is to clean your gutters before a flood hits. If your gutters are filled with debris, the water on your roof will have nowhere to go, and a great deal of it will simply rest on your roof itself. This can be the cause of a great many problems, including potential mildew buildup and eventual collapse.

Gate Valves

In addition to the more obvious portions of your house, there are certain parts of your home that can flood that didn't even cross your mind. For example, your sewer system can flood, causing sewage to back up into your home. There are ways to tighten up your defenses against this issue, such as installing gate valves on your sewer system. Gate valves are more complex than pressure valves and require that you operate them by hand, but they have the potential to be much tighter and more secure and can keep sewage from backing up into your home after a flood.

Preparing for a flood isn't necessarily the easiest task. However, it is better to be safe than sorry in these situations, and being proactive will allow you to focus on the damage before it has the chance to occur. For more information, contact Servpro Of South Elkhart Co or a similar company.