Learn What Will Determine Your Water Damage Restoration Costs

If your home has flooded recently, it is important to realize what goes into the cost of the water damage restoration. The restoration process takes a lot more than simply gutting the home and replacing damaged areas. The following guide walks you through what you can expect if you need to have your home restored after a flood.


The first step in the water restoration process is to have an assessment done to determine if things can be repaired and what parts of the home will need to be replaced in order to restore the house to working order. A restoration company will send an inspector to your home to do a walk-through of the property. They will determine if there are electrical issues that will need to be addressed, if the building is still structurally sound, and if the sub flooring, the wood just below the floors you walk on, are in good condition or need to be replaced.


The cost of water damage restoration can be greatly affected by the cost to have damaged areas ripped out of the home. If you have waited a long period of time to have the area restored, there is a chance that mold is growing behind the walls of the home. Mold needs to be removed using specific equipment and gear that is not required normally. These extra items will add to the overall cost of your restoration process.


The cost of the materials that are used to repair the water damage can vary greatly depending on the type and quality of materials you choose to have the contractor use. If you are replacing many different areas in the home, you may want to consider using the opportunity as a chance to remodel the home the way you want it to be. You could use tile on the floors in your bathrooms instead of vinyl flooring. You could create closet space in a room if you have to remove and replace all of the walls in the home, or you could make the floor plan more open while the walls are down. Talk to the contractor about any changes you want made and they will let you know what can be done and what the materials will cost.


Labor costs need to be taken into account as well. The construction company will need to pay their contractors for doing the work for you and that cost will be added to the quote that they give you for the cost of the water damage restoration. If you consistently add changes you want to have done to the home, you need to expect to pay a bit more for the changes because the contractor will need to pay the workers more money for working longer to get the job done.

Water damage restoration can be done within a very short period of time, if you get the construction company started as soon as possible. You should contact the company as soon as you notice any water damage so that the contractors can get avoid having to remove mold or mildew from the property first.